UK Wine Tax Calculator app, showing pre-budget duty levels

Today’s budget adds a further 11p to the tax burden carried by an average bottle of wine. Many – most? – retail prices will rise to accommodate the tax, but there will still doubtless be bottles on offer at 3-for£12 in which the wine content will be minimal.

Unfortunately, few consumers have any idea how little of their £5 actually goes towards the liquid in the bottle – and how much more wine they get for every extra pound they spend.

So here’s a modest proposal for independents and maybe even a few larger retailers) to consider.

Why not print the tax contribution on shelf talkers beneath each bottle? Calculating the figure is simple, using the UK Wine Tax Calculator iPhone app which I believe is being updated to adjust to the new rates.
Obviously, it wouldn’t turn back the tax tide or reduce the likelihood of further hikes, but maybe, just maybe, we might persuade a few British consumers of the logic behind buying a slightly pricier bottle.
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  1. Thanks for the app mention Robert – yes, we're updating to take account of the new rates, and fingers crossed, the updated version should go live in time for the changes to take effect on Monday.

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