In a world replete with personal, political and professional complications and complexities, most of us choose the knots we like to unravel. I have friends who delight in the minutiae of Burgundy vineyards but could not care a jot about the quality of their hi-fi – or the source of their tea or coffee. I know a hi-fi buff who has several pressings of the same lp, but zero interest in movies. Another friend can tell me who directed and edited all of his favourite films but glazes over at the mention of soccer. A soccer fan, I could mention… but of course the list goes on.

You may be that rare creature who’s genuinely fascinated by everything, and with enough space in your brain to accommodate all the information you accumulate. But if you’re not, and you’re a wine enthusiast who can’t understand why other people are happy to follow brands or Parker points when they go shopping for a red or white, I have just one thing to say to you. Some people like to Keep It Simple Stupid. Just as you do, in other parts of your life.
  1. Maybe this will get the fewest comments of all your blogs. Surely no one can argue with this in the same way the twitter conversation the other evening went dead.

  2. Well said Robert, down at Plumpton we seem to spend a lot of time reminding students and visitors about KISS. You must wait for a flicker of interest in the public before trying to educate otherwise you are only going to scare them off.

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