Take a good look at the image – a Rorschach blot –  above. What does it make you think of?

Scroll down to see what experts expect you to have said

Apparently, other people very frequently look at it and say that it puts them in mind of sex.

Now look at the image below…

and answer one question:

Is this 

a) A fun way to promote fizz?

b) Absolutely the wrong image for wine?

Scroll down for my response – if you want to know and haven’t already guessed

I LOVE it – and particularly love the fact that it was posted by Cindy Crawford herself. I only wish it was my wine.

  1. Jaime Araujo wrote Hmmm…what does it mean if the blot makes me think of a Native American headdress? And agreed that the Cindy C pic is fabulous, but am torn between sincere admiration and wild jealousy that she looks that fabulous at this age

  2. Lisa Perrotti-Brown wrote Hey Robert – have to confess that the blot just looks like road-kill to me and tho Cindy Crawford is gorgeous, her aim is all over the place so this is absolutely the wrong image if we want to promote drinking wine responsibly… But from a business perspective, seriously, I don't think ANYONE is looking at the label of Cindy's wine!

  3. Thanks Lisa… I'm just enjoying the different responses I'm getting. But I do question the “responsibility” thing when it undermines the link between wine and fun. And yes I agree about the label…

  4. Lisa Perrotti-Brown wrote I said nothing about “responsibility”, my point about drinking “responsibly” was more to do with actually getting the wine in your mouth..which I happen to think is fun!

  5. Thanks Lisa, I agree that, most of the time there's a lot to be said against dribbling and dousing your clothes (especially in restaurants).. But I think Cindy's having fun here too – despite her dodgy aim.

  6. I see two questions not one Robert. Yes, fun, though many thought a similar (drawn) image to promote DB's '50 most Powerful Women in Wine' was not on. This wouldn't get past the Portman Group either in a fizz ad would it? Sherry might do it. Crawford's Cream Crackers?

  7. I agree re all your points Tim… But maybe advertising is not the answer, and as I say, the beauty of this is that Cindy posted it herself. Now if more wines had more fans like that…

  8. The problem with this image is that she is drinking from a 750 ml bottle and we all know that Champagne is best out of a magnum. I think this sends such an inaccurate message.

  9. Keep it simple. This is simple, sex and wine sells however given the times Prosecco would have been more appropriate. Or maybe Lambrusco?

  10. The fact that Cindy posted it herself is just a call for help: An aging and slowly sagging ex-top-model is flattered she is representing “sexy”. Every single woman i showed it to said things like (exemplary quotes to sum up responses): “the dress will be ruined!” “no shower nearby, what a sticky mess!” “too bad wine is being wasted”. Many asked what wine it was for – not recognizable. Add to that most sparkling wines are consumed by women – I think this is a complete waste of money for the producer, if not even negative.

  11. Thanks Hande.., First, I should say that I don't think that the pic was paid for by a wine producer. More probably a magazine editor or fashion co – which wouldn't worry about ruination. Otherwise, I find the comments all rather literal. Like the spraying of Champagne at Formula 1, it's for fun…

  12. But that is exactly what i am saying: you (and i bet other guys) think it is fun; me and the women i quoted see the un-practicalities of the whole ordeal….

  13. Hande, if you re-read previous comments, you'll find that it's not as simple as men v women. Jaime, author of the first response is a woman, for example. And I think that the unpracticalities are what the shot is all about… But, I'm not saying that any view is “correct” – merely interested to see a range of reactions.

  14. I think Cindy Crawford is the most beautiful women in the world but this particular picture just doesn't do it for me. Wine is all about romantic, mysterious and charming. And this particular add comes across as cheap, sleazy and desperate. I still love Cindy though.

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