Wigan Athletic’s players who beat Manchester City yesterday to win this year’s FA Cup, are apparently “worth” a total of £36m in the transfer market. The “value” of the defeated team is  £380m.
How Wigan’s squad comes to be worth £36m

And the breakdown of Man City’s £380m team.

You could buy ten of these rather smart BMWs for the price of one of the Ferraris below.

And more or less the same calculation could be used for the M&S and Emporio Armani suits

As well as for these two Australian Cabernet Sauvignons.

Is the Armani suit better than the M&S suit?

Is the Ferrari better than the BMW?
Is the Bin 707 better than the Kangarilla Road

And – notwithstanding its defeat yesterday, is Man City a better team than Wigan?

The simple answer to all these questions is Yes!

Are any of them ten times better? No!

Does that matter one iota? No!
  1. Robert, the case is proven: we all pay for Brand Value/the brand tax/the emotional benefit derived from a great brand. Call it what you will but if someone is willing to pay the asking price it is indeed, and incontrovertibly, “worth it”

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