While busily struggling to hit deadlines on a couple of projects, I could not help noticing two tweets out of the corner of my eye. Both related to Veuve Clicquot.

First was a Drinks Business piece describing how the Champagne house was hounding a small Italian sparkling wine producer that had the temerity of using an orange-coloured label. Now, I’m all for producers protecting their brand, but a brief glance at the two labels below would, I think, convince most juries that no attempt has been made to copy the Widow; the two oranges are far too far apart on my Pantone scale. On the other hand, the Champenois have deep pockets and good lawyers, so I wouldn’t bet against their victory in this kind of fight.

Clicquot will have a rather tougher time, however, fighting against delicious online teasing like this tweet from South African wine writer Neil Pendock
I don’t think any further comment is really necessary; besides, I have work to do…

  1. Not only two faces but, ever more regularly, two spellings – as in your heading (!) & even in that estimable mag, World of Fine Wine. Cliquot a different brand from Clicquot?

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