Most news stories about glasses tend to be about Riedel*, so it’s refreshing to hear of one that isn’t. And this is a genuinely innovative product: the glass that enables you to drink a whole bottle all by yourself. Brought to us by the Stanger-to-Moderation company (okay I made that up) this is something I’m slightly surprised to see arriving before the beginning of April, but according to the Huffington Post article the good news is that it’s available right now for just $18.

And just in case you have a nagging doubt over the acceptability of this item, never fear, the nice folk at Rioja say (on twitter) that it’s perfectly ok, provided that the bottle is full of Faustino, Riscal, Campo Viojo, or Roda et al.

(I’m indebted to Olly Wehring, editor of Just Drinks for drawing this to my attention) 


*And here’s (you know you want it!) is news of the new Riedel Coca Cola glass. A must-buy for any true Coke enthusiast for just 25 pounds per pair. Pepsi lovers are advised to wait until the release of their glass in early 2015 ) 

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